TerraTextile – W MuPP are woven geotextiles manufactured from high strength polypropylene multifilament yarns that are woven together to form a dimensionally stable and highly permeable fabric structure. This type of TerraTextile fabrics have superior resistance to soil and biological clogging and acts efficiently as filter. This type of TerraTextile behaves very well as separator and stabiliser, allowing water to freely pass through while preventing soil erosion.


  • Soil Separation: TerraTextile – W MuPP acts efficiently as a separator and helps in preventing mixing of different types of soil and prevents contamination.
  • Filtration: This type of TerraTextile can be used as a filtration layer to prevent migration of fine particles.
  • Sub-grade Stabilisation: TerraTextile – W MuPP improves stability, load distribution and reduces differential settlement for construction over soft soils.
  • Shoreline Revetment Systems: TerraTextile – W MuPP can be used along with other products for coastal protective.
  • Hard Armour Underlayment: TerraTextile – W MuPP as underlayment fabrics can reduce development of excessive hydrostatic pressure beneath the revetment and also prevent migration of fines.

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