Draintube, for Environmental and Waste Management Applications.

Geocomposite drainage performance you can count on

Different types of drainage systems have been used successfully in the waste management industry for decades, but DRAINTUBE is the most predictable, reliable and effective of all. DRAINTUBE offers the advantages of other types of drainage geocomposites, while overcoming most of their limitations. Some concerns like long term creep, geotextile intrusion, delamination, perimeter tying, etc. are well taken care of with the DRAINTUBE application. DRAINTUBE combines the perforated pipes and geosynthetic technology into a unique package offering superior long term drainage capacity and performance. DRAINTUBE drainage geocomposites allow geomembrane leak detection surveys using geo-electrical methods. Standard 300 m2 (3,200 sf) rolls cover over 30% more area than other products and are installed like standard geotextiles. With no nets to tie together and using normal geotextile seaming methods, installation becomes very easy. Our Lymphea design software, plus our talented professionals are available to make your project a success from concept to completion.

Draintube, for Tailings And Mining Applications.

Draintube the drainage you want

Fluid control is critical for most civil engineering applications. The pore pressure developed in soils can compromise the stability of installations. Over the past 10 years, DRAINTUBE drainage geocomposites is being used to eliminate interstitial pressure and to ensure the long term performance in environmental and civil engineering projects. DRAINTUBE is a combination of various geotextile layers (filtration, separation and protection layers) that are needle punched together with integrated perforated mini-pipes for high capacity drainage. Based on the experience gained over many years of draining waste storage facilities, DRAINTUBE is especially suited to mining related drainage. The mining industry requires customized solutions specifically adapted to the following situations:

Draintube, in Roadworks and Civil Engineering Applications.

High-Performance and Environmentally Friendly Drainage

For years stone aggregates have been used to provide drainage for roadways. DRAINTUBE offers an effective alternative to stone aggregates while at the same time offering many advantages:
Effective drainage system helps in increasing the durability and performance of the road. DRAINTUBE also helps in controlling the harmful effects of high water tables, saturated subgrades, heavy loads and freeze-thaw cycles.

Draintube, for Sports Field Applications.

A Low-cost and Environmentally Friendly Drainage Solution.

For many years, 150mm (6’’) of washed stone aggregates protected by two layers of geotextile have been considered as state of the art drainage solution for synthetic sports fields. Today, DRAINTUBE drainage geocomposite offers a better and more effective solution for drainage.

Draintube, Landfill Gas Management Applications.

During Operation-Horizontal LFG collection within the waste mass

Landfill Gas (LFG) needs to be effectively extracted from active landfills to comply with the regulation of air pollution. The target is to achieve 75% lifetime gas capture rate recommended for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills.

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