TerraNail is a passive geotechnical anchoring system consisting of a range of bars and adapted accessories, allowing its use in several civil engineering applications. The bars are either fully threaded (Hot threaded) solid bars or rope threaded hollow bars. On-demand, the bars and the accessories can be coated with a corrosion protection system (hot-dip galvanization or epoxy or double corrosion protection with hot-dip galvanization and epoxy). The fundamental concept of TerraNail consists of reinforcing the soil or rock mass by passive inclusions, closely spaced, to create an in-situ coherent gravity structure. Hence, it increases the overall shear strength and stability of the in-situ soil or rock strata and restrains its displacements. Installation of TerraNail for any permanent solution involves basic steps – drilling, placing of the bars, grouting and securing the nail end.


  • Strengthening: TerraNail is used for strengthening of existing slopes, embankments, tunnel portals, tunnel caverns, retaining structures and bridge abutments.
  • Repair and Rehabilitation Structures: TerraNail can be effectively used to repair and to restore failed retaining structures and bridge abutments.
  • Slope Stabilisation, Landslide Repair: TerraNail alone or in combination with other slope stabilisation techniques can be used for rehabilitation of failed slopes and landslides.
  • Widening of Mountain Roads: TerraNail in combination with other Geoquest techniques is used for widening of hill roads.
  • Widening of Flyover/ Bridge Approaches: Flyover or bridge approaches supported by retaining structures in highways and/ or railways can be widened using TerraNail in combination with other Geoquest techniques.
  • Temporary or Permanent Stabilisation of Excavation: TerraNail can be used during construction of any buried structure (such as road | rail under bridges, underpasses and building basements.) for temporary or permanent stabilization of the excavated ground profile.
  • Slope Retention: TerraNail in combination with Geoquest High tensile steel mesh system can be used for slope retention and thus prevention of failure of slopes or rock displacement.
  •  Rockfall Barrier: TerraNail is used to secure the posts of the hinged or fixed rockfall barrier system.

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