Geoquest Pte. Ltd. was established in 1980. The company operates in South- East Asia and East Asia. It offers premium quality technical products in the field of civil infrastructure and hydraulic protection, geohazard and industrial risk mitigation, basal reinforcement, ground stabilization, and drainage improvement. Geoquest’s products and solutions are defined by two main business lines: Protect and Strengthen.

Geoquest Pte. Ltd. steadily operates on its fundamental principle of providing quality certified products and services to its customers. All our products are tested and validated according to the applicable International standards and guidelines. ISO, CE, ETAG (EAD), and WLV are a few of the certifications that signifies our approach and commitment towards product quality. Our organization conducts stringent and regular internal audits to ensure that its processes meet and satisfy the client’s requirements. Geoquest Pte. Ltd. adequately complies with all regulatory requirements. We have in place a systematic method for proactively identifying and correcting any discrepancies and preventing any potential non-compliance from occurring.