TerraTextile – W MoPP holds a higher strength to weight ratio in comparison with non-woven needle-punched geotextiles. It provides excellent filtration, separation, and erosion control characteristics. TerraTextile – W MoPP has very good pore size consistencies, apparent opening sizes (AOS), high water flow properties whilst maintaining high dimensional stability and consistent hydraulic performance.


  • Erosion Control: TerraTextile – W MoPP acts as a separation and retention layer for all waterfronts exposed to high dynamic waves and currents, and those exposed to rapid drawdown conditions. The high filtration characteristic of the product is well utilized under such extreme conditions.
  • Separation and Stabilisation: The high strength property of TerraTextile – W MoPP provides stabilisation over soft or poorly drained soils. It helps to restrict pumping of soil into the gravel, which would otherwise drastically reduce the load carrying capacity of the sub grade. The stabilisation application of this TerraTextile acts jointly with the function of separation.
  • Silt Fence: TerraTextile – W MoPP acts as a temporary barrier to mitigate silt and other sediment from polluting nearby streams, rivers and sensitive environments.
  • Landfills: TerraTextile – W MoPP can be used as capping for waste Landfill

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