An efficient drainage system for management of water is an important feature for achieving complete solution and long-term performance of any project. Drainage means either natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from an area. Water itself and pore water pressure play an important role in any civil engineering design, effective drainage system and solutions are necessary for safety and better performance of the structures.

Considering the importance of drainage and its huge potential, Geoquest is working on developing efficient solutions around drainage with diverse product lines like Draintube drainage geocomposite, Bi-planar and Tri-planar TerraFlow geocomposites, TerraDrain cellular drainage geocomposites applicable as per site situations.

Currently, geosynthetics are being used extensively and successfully for separation, filtration as well as drainage of water as an alternative to the traditional granular materials. Drainage geosynthetics are typically available in the form of composites of non-woven geotextile and HDPE pipes/nets/filaments. The geocomposites are easier to install at site and is often, cost-effective and environment friendly. The foremost function of drainage geo-composites is in civil and road construction, trench drains, pavement base course or edge drains, tunnels, mining, landfills, rooftop, retaining walls and bridge abutments, sports field, buried structures etc.

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