Geoquest offers soil reinforcement and ground stabilization engineered solutions with ArmaGrid.

Our ArmaGrid line provides engineers and builders with a straightforward, full-service approach for procuring biaxial and uniaxial, polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) geogrids. Our geogrid performance properties are easily identifiable to specify for use on projects of all types in all construction sectors.

Our geotechnical engineers and operations teams specialize in designing, manufacturing and supplying ArmaGrid solutions that address the need for:

  • Basal reinforcement
  • Piled embankments
  • Pavement reinforcement
  • Void bridging

Engineered solutions providers

Geoquest provides clients with a full scope of work, from inception to completion which is the result of extensive transnational engineering and experience. Our teams manage the development of engineered solutions and worldwide delivery by experienced geotechnical engineers.

ArmaGrid – BXPET is a high strength and low strain biaxial knitted geogrid manufactured with high tenacity polyester yarns.



  • Basal Reinforcement: ArmaGrid – BXPET is used as basal reinforcement to support shallow embankments, foundations or other heavily loaded platforms on soft soil, by enhancing load distribution in two directions, maintaining structural integrity and reducing differential settlement. Subgrade and Subbase Stabilisation: Improvement of sub-grade.
  • Subgrade and Subbase Stabilisation: Improvement of sub-grade and sub-base performance in roads, railways and airport runways, taxiways and aprons by incorporating the ArmaGrid – BXPET within appropriate interlayers.

ArmaGrid – BXPP is a biaxial geogrid made from polypropylene by accurate punching, and then stretching in two directions under strictly controlled conditions with a continuous orientation through the nodes. ArmaGrid – BXPP is inert to chemicals, including acids, alkalis and salts, normally found in soils. ArmaGrid – BXPP does not suffer any attack by microorganisms in soil.



  • Railways: Enhancing the ballast performance in railways and stabilisation of track foundation layers with reduced ballast degradation and settlement.
  • Roadways: Subbase and sub-grade improvement by reinforcement and stabilisation; and increase in durability of flexible pavement and unpaved roads. 
  • Airport Runways and Taxiways: Subbase and sub-grade improvement for the runway and taxiway pavements of airfield.
  • Ports: Sub-grade reinforcement and load distribution for container yards, under warehouse or similar load carrying platforms.

ArmaGrid – UXPET is a knitted polyester Geogrid providing tensile reinforcement capacity in one direction. ArmaGrid – UXPET is best suited for demanding soil reinforcement applications.



  •  Steep Slopes: Used as soil reinforcement for reinforced soil steep slopes and embankments.
  • Basal Reinforcement: ArmaGrid – UXPET improves the stability of soft sub-soils by interacting with engineered fill and providing a strong mattress foundation for embankments and platforms.
  • Foundation Improvement: ArmaGrid – UXPET is used to support shallow structural foundations, by improving stability, enhancing load distribution and reducing differential settlement.

Uniaxial UXPP

ArmaGrid is made of polypropylene, by the process of stretching of high-quality punched sheet in one direction under strictly controlled conditions. ArmaGrid – UXPP has consistent high-performance properties including high tensile strength up to 300KN/m and high modulus, ageing resistance, chemical and biological durability. These products are used where high strength is required for a relatively short period, for example during the consolidation of embankment foundations.


  • Foundation Treatment: ArmaGrid – UXPP with their high tensile strength and optimum interlock characteristics, combined with compacted granular fill, with its high compressive strength, provide an integrated load-bearing platform on soft ground.
  • Embankment on Soft Soil: Often considerable consolidation takes place in the soft soil before it develops adequate bearing capacity during the construction of high embankments. The conventional process is to build the embankment in stages so that the embankment height is only increased as the ground develops sufficient strength to support the embankment, without risk of global stability failures. Under these conditions, construction time can be significantly shortened by using High Strength Uniaxial PP ArmaGrid to reinforce the base of the embankment. ArmaGrid – UXPP are useful for strengthening of soft soil for dam construction, land reclamation project and alike.
  • Temporary Reinforced Slope: ArmaGrid – UXPP can be used to build reinforced steep slopes required for relatively short service life periods (typically, less than 5 years), in which the long term design strength of soil reinforcement is ignored in design. Such applications are necessary for construction of temporary elevated diversions, protective bunds, steep slopes and overpass embankments and for short term construction needs like for flyovers, interchanges, bridging and underpass solutions where space constraints and site encumbrances prevent permanent works at early construction stages.

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