TechRevetment is an alternate and durable solution for erosion protection.

TechRevetment is a pre-engineered factory custom grouted mattress system used for permanent erosion protection works. Depending upon project requirements, design consideration and specific applications, the type of of fabric form is designed and pre-fabricated at the factory and delivered to job sites. This technology is used to protect embankments (dry or wet), protect bridge abutments against scour, waterways, lining of canals and for mining and industrial erosion protection and lining applications. This system can be installed at rapid speed and under water without the need for dewatering. TechRevetment is an alternative and durable solution for erosion.

Geotextile made from polyester yarn is used to provide the shape and form. Essential components of TechRevetment are non-woven geotextile filter , woven geotextile fabric form and fine aggregates concrete.

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